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Elite Life Coach Training
and Certification – ONLINE!

This training is different because it fuses the best in coaching strategy and theory with the proven and powerful business strategies for building a successful and sustainable coaching practice! I hope our goal is obvious! We want to help you learn how to coach AND give you the business tools you need to build a life coaching practice that can impact people’s lives AND help you to live the life you’ve always wanted to live!

This training will help you:

  • Develop a laser focus on the kinds of clients you want and it will enable you to connect with them at new levels
  • Ensure a better return on investment of your precious marketing dollars (and time) because you will have a better idea of where to start and how to reach them!
  • Allow you to key in on who your ideal client (your avatar) is and where they are – so you can reach them time and again with your marketing messages
  • Push you to develop a written action plan for driving a stake in the ground around your avatar that will bring in better paying clients who will LOVE what you have to offer
  • Guide you to avoid the most serious pitfall most new coaches make in trying to “serve everyone”

I’ll admit it.

When I started my own coaching practice, I floundered. I wasted time. I didn’t know what to do or where to go to find great fit clients. In fact, I almost quit. But instead, I dug in and uncovered the exact marketing strategies I needed to effectively and predictively find “great-fit clients” time and time again! Now, I have a six-figure coaching practice and I get to work with amazing people every day. That’s what I want for you! I want to give you the strategies that you need so you don’t have to waste time like I did. This training will help you to get clarity and take action!

– Mitch Matthews


Order today, completely risk free. We’re so completely convinced that you will love our training, that we’ll give you a full 30 days to try out our system.

In the end, if it’s not for you, just shoot us an email. We’ll give you a full refund! No hassles. No hoops, and no hard feelings.


10! No fluff here; I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have been overwhelmed with the amount of resources and the philosophy that underpins Elite Life Coaching. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to be a coach!

Sam – Souderton, PA

Elite Life Coach Training and Certification is much more than a 10. It’s simply off the charts! My experience in this course has been phenomenal! As a teacher I loved going to inservices where I could actually take things back to my school that I could use right away. This is far and beyond the best inservice I ever attended! I was using things that I learned in this certification course immediately in my everyday life every step of the way.

Cathy – Brooklin, Ontario Canada

Thank you, Mitch, for your dynamic vision in professionally designing this training course that has increased my confidence and validated my desire to pursue life coaching with a passion as an Elite Life Coach! I am extremely excited and thrilled to launch my new career and am committed to providing my clients lasting value. I cherish the opportunity to share in the joy of helping to transform ordinary lives to immensely successful lives with a clear sense of purpose! Thank you for positively impacting and changing my life, and for your vote of confidence expressed in your letter above. Mitch and David, you guys are the best!

Sue – Madera, CA

A big fat 10. I really loved the program and have in fact recommended it after recommending the book to a number of friends/co- workers (all Mental Health professionals). I did have moments of feeling overwhelmed but that passed. I loved the call and the webinars are great. I found the live exercises very helpful and would like to see more of them.

Kathy – Penacook, NH

The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training & Certification – online!

ONLY $1997

What’s Included in
The Coach Mindset 2.0

Everything in The Coach Mindset 2.0 Has been re-filmed to ensure all of the content is relevant to today’s Elite Life Coach market!

Module 1: The Elite Coach’s Value

  • Intellectual Immune System
  • Examples of Coaching
  • The Value of Elite Coaching
  • Elite Coaching – What it is

In this module, I introduce you to our bedrock principle that will shatter your conceptions about what you need to know in order to get started changing lives through Elite Life Coaching. We’ll blast through what coaching is, and what it isn’t – so you can maximize your time doing what you love to do – helping people achieve their big dreams and experience more success in life. You’ll be able to apply these concepts to your own passion for coaching and your confidence will be bolstered so you can charge for you time and know you’ll be able to deliver tremendous value!

Module 2: The Elite Coach’s Tool Box

  • Questions
  • Listening (Part 1)
  • Listening (Part 2)
  • Listening (Part 3)

This module surprises people. In it, I reveal the reasons why most coaches fail before they even get started. More importantly, I’ll give you the specific strategies you need to avoid these pitfalls. Plus, we dive deep into the proven tools you’ll need to take your ability to coach to new levels.

Module 3: The Scientific Coaching Model

  • Discovery and Clarify
  • Hypothesis
  • Remember Why
  • Experiment
  • Evaluate and Adjust
  • Wrap Up

I this module, I introduce you to our proven coaching model, “The Scientific Coaching Model.” In the past, participants have paid up to $5,000 for this content alone.

Students of the Scientific Coaching Method have literally been able to double or triple their hourly coaching rate just by knowing the revolutionary process.
This method will also free you up from stuffy theory and the burden of esoteric coaching models that many programs offer.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work too! In this module, you’ll get to implement the coaching strategies we cover. You’ll work with a self-selected partner (or you’ll have a client by this time) and actually walk through the coaching principles and strategies, refining your questions and your usage as we progress until you’re extremely confident.

What People Are Saying:

“Your decision to include the business end up front was the main reason I signed up. No one has this available. My experience is that most coaches can not help you with how to do it either. Only thing close is the ***** ******** guys, but they use *****’s business model to funnel THEM clients through their events (name recognition). Even many of them are not really clear on what to do business-wise either. You are cutting edge and I am loving it!”

Clay – Life coach of 10 years

“For me, one of the most valuable things I learned from this training was the concept that people have an ‘Intellectual Immune System™.’ What that means is that I need to help my clients to generate the answers to overcoming their challenges from inside themselves instead of forcing my answers and suggestions upon them. That has made a significant difference for me in my coaching practice.”

Elizabeth Saunders – Speaker, Author and Coach

“I’m glad I invested in the Coach Mindset because my confidence is greater, my passion is deeper and I’ve had tremendous coaching talent to draw from. Anyone who takes this course seriously will have no excuse to fail.”

Sarah – Compassion Coach

“Mitch Matthews is not only knowledgeable about the life coaching industry, but he offers cutting-edge strategies that make all the difference. Plus, he has a genuine approach and cares deeply about those who want help others get un-stuck!”

Heather – Life Coach

The Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training & Certification – online!

ONLY $1997