LIVE Challenge For Coaches & Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

7 Days To Your First $5k Coaching Client

How To Launch A Brand New Coaching Business Using The Knowledge You Already Have (And Convert A Complete Stranger Into Your First $5k+ Client)...In As Little As 7 Days

Without spending a minute on ads, designing a website, or going to “networking events”...While remaining completely authentic and in alignment with your mission.

Hosted by Mitch Matthews

Elite Coach & Trainer - #1 on Huffington Post & Top 5% of Podcasts Worldwide

In this LIVE 7 Day Challenge, You’re Going To Learn…

  • My step-by-step process for pulling the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom you already have that is locked inside your head out into the world...and turn it into a high impact (and highly leveraged) coaching program
  • Why the common advice of “start selling to people you know” is a TRAP...and why it’s faster and easier to find and help people who have never heard of you
  • How to build instant credibility and expertise in both 1-on-1 and virtual settings using my situational authority framework...without a social media following, credentials, or website
  • How to turn the authentic, everyday conversations you’re already having with people you know you could help into effortless sales (using my conversation structure, they’ll ask you if you have a coaching program they can join)
  • Case studies, LIVE calls, daily homework assignments, and DAILY accountability to ensure you are taking ACTION on what you learn each day. When you leave this Challenge, you will have your coaching business launched.

Total Investment: $97

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