The 7-Days to $5k Challenge has CLOSED. Fill out the form below to get on the waitlist and be notified about the next Challenge.


The 7-Days to $5k Challenge has CLOSED. Fill out the form below to get on the waitlist and be notified about the next Challenge.


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Mitch’s 7-Day To $5K Challenge!

Hey guys!

Mitch Matthews here! I’m the founder of the Coach Mindset – Elite Coach Training and Certification and Creator of the DREAM THINK DO podcast!

I have a very special invitation to our “7 Days to $5K” Challenge.

I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s not for everyone BUT it might be for you!

This Challenge is for people who:

  • LOVE coaching and know that you help people when you work with them!
  • Feel called to coaching and know it’s a part of why you were put on the planet!
  • Know that it’s not just about the money but you’re ready to work with $5K level (and above) clients!
  • Want to grow your business but know there’s some “holes” and “blindspots” holding you back!
  • Have been getting a “nudge” that right now is the time to take things to the next level!

I’ll shoot straight with you!

This Challenge is for FUN and SUCCESSFUL people who are willing to work hard.

We’ll laugh a lot (so grumpy people won’t dig this Challenge… guaranteed!) but we’ll also be working hard to IMPLEMENT… IMPLEMENT… IMPLEMENT!

You’ll need to be open to some new ideas… but since I’ve helped thousands of coaches around the world to grow profitable coaching practices… I know these strategies work! So you’ll be able to plug them in and start using them IMMEDIATELY!

These concepts will allow you to be authentically YOU… and not feel salesy or manipulative.

So… if you’ve ever wanted to charge $5K (or more) for your coaching… but you’ve wrestled with charging rates like that… this Challenge is for you!

And don’t worry. This isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme. There’s going to be hard work involved but I’m guessing it will be work you will love! And these concepts will help you to reach and help higher-tier clients.

Clients you’re excited to work with and clients who are excited to work with you!

If this sounds like you… you’re going to love the “7 Days to $5K” Challenge!

Jump in and join us!

Lastly… although our Challenge is called “7 Days to $5K” it’s not really about the money. This is about building a coaching practice where you get to work with the people you want to work with and charge the rates you want to charge. Whether that’s less that $5K or more than $5K… it will be up to you.

The key is to have the systems in place to attract and resonate with a higher-tier client who’s excited to work with you!

And THAT is what we’ll be working on.

Last thing. My faith is really important to me. I’m guessing it is with you too… but even if it isn’t… that’s totally okay. I wanted to let you know because subjects like faith and prayer are going to come up from time to time! Just wanted to give you fair warning. Oh and… #IloveJesusbutIcussalittlebit

I’ll see you on the inside!


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Meet Your Coach and Mentor:

Mitch Matthews
Founder of the DREAM THINK DO Podcast &
the BIG Dream Gathering,
#1 Best Selling Author,
and Success Coach

Discover why hundreds of coaches are
raving about Mitch and the
clear and powerful business strategies
covered in this 7-day Challenge!


“…I landed a client in a day!”

“Mitch challenged me to package my knowledge in a step-by-step format that made sense. The very next day I was using his suggestions and landed a new client.

Sometimes our ideas are right in front of our nose, but it took me walking through Mitch’s process to help put it into the right format!”

Josh Ochs – Founder – Media Leaders

“Mitch can help you jump start your business!”

“Mitch challenged me to package my knowledge in a step-by-step format that made sense. The very next day I was using his suggestions and landed a new client.

Sometimes our ideas are right in front of our nose, but it took me walking through Mitch’s process to help put it into the right format!”

Brendon Burchard – Founder – Experts Academy

“That strategy helped me add two paying clients!”

“Mitch helped me in so many areas of my business. In fact, I copied one specific strategy word for word and sent it out in an email.

That email helped me to gain two paying clients!”

Lisa Smith

When I was first getting started I wondered, “Can I do this from here?”

I’ll admit it…
When I was first getting started as a coach,
the idea of being able to charge $5K or more seemed crazy!

Especially since I lived in Iowa!

That’s right! I wrestled with charging what I was worth.
But I also wondered if I could really build a business in a
state where there were more hogs and cattle than people!

But I love this state. AND my family lives here. So… I decided to build my business here.

I started to use the strategies we’ll be talking about during our 7-day Challenge.
Concepts that will help you to build your platform
and reach great-fit clients around the world… no matter where you live.
Specific steps that will enable you to establish connection and trust.
Proven concepts that will help you to build credibility and be authentically you.

So… I’m wildly grateful to say that I’ve been able to build
a six-figure coaching and speaking practice in the heartland…
right where I wanted to be.

And I want that for YOU too.

I want you to be able to help the people you feel called to help
and do it from a place you love.

Just think about who you will be able to help as your coaching business grows!

As your coaching practice grows… you’ll never know where it can take you!

As my coaching practice has grown… it’s provided some incredible experiences.

I’ve been able to share the stage with people like Brendon Burchard and Bob Burg.

I’ve been able to interview people like Lewis Howes, ABC’s Sara Haines and
Michael Hyatt as well as spend time traveling the country
speaking to audiences and holding my own events!

More importantly… I’ve been able to take my family on some incredible trips and adventures.
For example, I was asked to speak and do some coaching at Fort Benning in Georgia
and since our older son has always been fascinated with the armed forces,
I asked if I could bring him along. They said yes!

While we were there we were able to train with some of the troops
for the day! (We even were able to do some virtual reality training!)
It was crazy cool!

As you start to help people… and your coaching practice grows… you just never know!

I can’t wait to see where your growing coaching business will take you!

(By the way… would you be interested to know what I learned
from being backstage for two days at Brendon Burchard’s LIVE event?
That’s where the REAL learning was happening!)

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It’s time to charge what you’re worth!
Break through the “head junk” and
get the actual tools you need to
finally reach and serve higher-tier clients
who are excited to work with you!
(And… be authentically YOU!)

“I have the momentum!”

“Mitch helped me to keep moving forward with my promotion and not wait until my website was perfect.

He helped me to really start building buzz for my coaching practice. This allowed me to invite people to join me in my journey which also helped people to spread the word about what I was up to without feeling like I was selling or hitting people over the head with promotion. It made all the difference! Now I have the momentum and clients I’ve wanted!”

Rebecca Douros – Founder – RebeccaDouros.com

“His fire and passion are contagious!”

“Mitch is a great coach himself!

His ‘fire’ and passion are addicting and contagious! I’ve had great success helping and coaching clients since!

Mitch’s tools and instructions are mind-blowing!”

Hannah Slyter

“Don’t even think twice!”

“Don’t even think twice about it.

If you’re looking for an incredible professional who has the experience and passion to share his secrets of being the most successful and confident coach you can be – Mitch is the real deal.

He’s quickly moving me from where I was to where I want to go!”

Larry Steward

It’s not about the money… but then again… the money matters!

I know you.
I’m guessing you would coach people for free.
You love it and you love helping people!
That’s awesome.

But we both know that it’s important for clients to pay for their coaching
because they need to have skin in the game. They need to make the investment
because it helps with their commitment to the process. We know that.

So the money doesn’t matter. At the same time… it does. Right?

Plus, as your coaching business grows and you start to bring in more revenue,
you’ll be able to do even more good and have an even bigger impact!

For example, as our business has grown, we’ve been able to give back
and help people with their dreams.

Recently, we were able to give a “Dream Boost” scholarship to Rebecca who wanted to
spend the summer working with “Engineers without Borders” bringing clean
water to remote villages in Guatemalan villages.

We’re wildly blessed to say that our scholarship helped to take care of her travel
and all of her expenses for the entire summer (plus some much needed equipment).
So she could make the trip and change villages forever!

Just think about who you will be able to help as your coaching business grows!

Be able to give back!

Be able to give back…

Another example of when we were able to give back was Javon.

I met Javon when we held an event at Kent State University.
He had a great attitude and obviously had some big dreams.
One of those dreams involved creating products for people
suffering from arthritis.
He’d seen how it had limited his Grandma’s ability to write
and he wanted to do something about it.

He came to us with his plan to create a pen that was comfortable to use…
especially for those who had difficulty holding a writing utensil.
One of my absolute favorite moments from my career was getting to tell
him that he’d won a “Dream Boost” scholarship and that
we were going to help him with his start up costs!

I can’t wait for YOU to be able to do this kind of thing too!

Think about it… as your business grows… you’ll be
able to give back and help people you feel called to help!
Think about the possibilities!

“…I’ll forever be grateful for Mitch’s influence!”

“Mitch delivered above and beyond all of my expectations, and I had (still do) the confident assurance that Mitch was committed to my success. I can’t say enough, and I will be forever grateful for Mitch’s influence on my business and my life.”

Kendis Chenoweth Founder – Life Point Coaching

“I am so much better off thanks to your insight!”

“Thank you for helping me! I hate to think about where I’d be if I hadn’t gotten your help.

Thanks so much for your guidance and insight. I’m so grateful and all the opportunities I have now.
God bless!”

Denise Behrends

… my income has tripled…”

“Mitch was the catalyst that prompted me to take action on something I knew I needed to do.

Since working with him my income has tripled, I have started a new company, but most importantly, I am very, very happy and grateful!

Thanks again Mitch.”

Rush Nigut – Founder – RushonBusiness.com

It’s not about the money… but then again…
something else even more important happens when
you start to work with higher-tier clients!

I really do believe that higher-tier clients are out there for you.
They need you.
They need you to bring your best game.
And when you do… you’ll help them to bring their best game…
at work and in life!

What’s wild is there is a ripple effect to working with higher-tier clients.

Yes… in the short run… you make more per client and that’s awesome.
BUT… there’s something else that’s even more important.

For example, it was ONE specific higher-tier client who changed everything
for me and allowed me to quit my “bad fit” job and leap into coaching full time.

Another one of my higher-tier coaching clients
was so impacted by the coaching experience,
he recommended that his company bring me in
to help their leadership to become “better coaches and mentors.”
That led to a six-figure, multi-year contract!

Plus, it was COUNTLESS “great fit” clients over the years
who have helped to make my coaching and speaking practice
incredibly rewarding and highly profitable… for well over a decade!

So… in some ways… the money doesn’t matter.
We would do this for free… because we believe in the power of coaching.
At the same time… the money does matter.
It helps our clients to be more committed and more engaged.
Plus, it helps us to have more reach and more impact!
And… it helps us to bless and take care of the people we love!

You’re just ONE connection away from BREAKTHROUGH!
Let’s help you make that connection. It’s time! Isn’t it?

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