The Story Behind the Coach Mindset Online

Mitch Matthews created the Coach Mindset in 2008 due to “extreme interest” from other coaches who were watching his practice as it grew. They wanted to know all about the coaching strategies he was using, AND they wanted to know about the business concepts he was utilizing to reach and attract “great fit” clients from around the world. In 2009, David Nadler attended one of Mitch’s LIVE Coach Mindset sessions and fell in love with coaching itself as well as the business of coaching, and became convinced the training needed to get out to more people. So unbeknownst to Mitch, he started to study online marketing strategies to make that a reality. A year later, David came to Mitch and told him that he wanted to help him reach the world with the Coach Mindset. By this time they had become good friends.

Since Mitch had his goal of helping to launch a million dreams in his lifetime, the idea was enticing, but Mitch was reluctant at first. He was committed to delivering a powerful and interactive experience, and he wasn’t convinced that it could be delivered through online training. But David persisted and continued to show Mitch how it could be done. So, in 2011 they launched the first version of the ONLINE Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification and it changed everything!

Since then, they’ve been able to help thousands of coaches from around the world to not only become more confident in their ability to coach, but they’ve also been able to show these coaches proven, powerful and fun ways to market and brand their coaching practices. These concepts have allowed coaches to build successful and sustainable coaching practices by attracting great-fit “Allies” (Mitch’s word for clients), and by making the impact they want to make!

Think about it. What if you could have a business that would finally allow you to make the impact you long to make… and live the life you’ve always wanted to live?

What could happen?

Mitch and David want to help you to make that a reality!

Thought Leaders Behind the Coach Mindset:


Program Creator: Mitch Matthews

product-mastermindMitch Matthews is the creator and core facilitator of the Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification. And he’s uniquely qualified to do so.

Mitch has been a certified Elite Life and Business Coach since 2002 and he continues to maintain an active coaching practice. As a result, he’s personally coached hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and globe-changers.

He specializes in helping his coaching “allies” (his word for clients) on finding their sweet spot in their life and in their work. He’s also passionate about helping them to get clarity on their big dreams and goals and helping them to build real-world plans that make them a reality!

Mitch is fond of saying “Coaching isn’t a job. It’s a way of life!” He loves to work with new and established coaches from around the world who feel the same way.

Due to his unique ideas on coaching and his proven strategies for building a thriving coaching business, Mitch was asked to sit on the Franklin Covey Companies Innovation Advisory Board for Professional Coaching.

Mitch also has expertise in “instructional design” and has been developing and facilitating training since 1998. In fact, he speaks internationally and his clients have ranged from larger organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Merck, the Principal Financial Group and Booking.com to mid-sized and start-up organizations.

Mitch brings his profound understanding of coaching, leadership and training along with his proven and easy-to-understand business concepts and adds his dynamic and fun presentation style to deliver this powerful and life-improving program!

If you ask, Mitch is the first to admit that he’s a “recovering perfectionist,” he’s a “workaholic in recovery” and he’s working on his issues with an urgency addition. But since it’s something he has to work on everyday, it helps him to relate to his coaching allies all the more!

Finally, Mitch’s favorite subject to talk about is his family. Mitch and his wife Melissa have two teenage boys and they all live proudly in Des Moines, Iowa.

Program Strategist: David Nadler

david-skyline-smallDavid Nadler is a successful (and serial) entrepreneur. He has started, grown and sold numerous profitable businesses. In fact, he started and ran his first business at the ripe young age of 15 and gained his own clients ranging from city managers, small businesses to larger corporate accounts. From there he progressed to having success in media, running a top 100-market radio station, as well as starting a number of franchises and becoming a top performer!

In 2008, David attended a LIVE version of the Coach Mindset and within weeks of completing the training, he already had launched a successful coaching practice with multiple clients. David found that he had a passion for working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and fulfillment, and clients flocked to him. In fact, he quickly had a waiting list of people wanting to work with him.

David has always been tech savvy and he’s applied cutting edge strategies and tools to his own businesses. Plus, he’s been instrumental in helping his coaching clients to find tools and concepts that insure their businesses are working FOR them, as opposed to the other way around.

In 2009, David and Mitch started to work together so the Coach Mindset could help coaches around the world.

Since then, they have been able to create additional LIVE and ONLINE training that have delivered sound and innovative coaching strategies along with proven and powerful business concepts! Based on the feedback David and Mitch regularly receive, they are proud to say that they’ve been able to help thousands of coaches who have gone on to grow successful businesses and positively impact tens-of-thousands of lives!

David and Mitch are quick to point out that their skill sets are different but complementary. That has really enabled them to expand and improve all of their training offerings and reach and serve new audiences all over the globe.

Most importantly, David married his high-school crush, Kate in 1999. They have 4 boys and love living a life filled with technology, baseball games and quite afternoons by the pool (as long as it’s summer) in Iowa.