HiRes“I’m a relatively new life coach and I’m thinking about putting some coaching packages together. What are your thoughts on how to go about this project? I feel a bit like I’m putting a menu together for a restaurant! Any help would be appreciated!”

Very good question.
Thinking about coaching packages is a wildly important decision for new AND established coaches. Of course, we go into depth on the subject of coaching packages (and even give you the templates I use) in our own Coach Mindset – Elite Life Coach Training and Certification, but I can offer you a few helpful hints and strategies here.


One approach . . . “Time Frame”

As an example, I always start my own coaching allies with a 12 week intensive where we work together once per week for 12 weeks. I’ve found that in my experience, this three month period allows us some space to dream, time to plan, and enough breathing room to get to implementation as well. So I call my initial coaching package the Kick start . . . and it’s a 3 month coaching package that’s also a play on my coaching brand, akickinthepants.com.

I also have a follow up package (that includes the Kick Start package above) and also includes 10 additional sessions that they can use over the following year. The way I present this is “3 month coaching intensive to get you started, and then a year of life coaching to keep you kicking it!


Another thing to consider . . . “Avatar”

As you consider your practice, think about your ideal client. The person you most love to help and the one that you tend to do your best work with. Consider what they might want to achieve by working with an elite life or business coach. Think about their goals and where their “finish line” might be. Then . . . you can start to build coaching packages around those things.

An example from my coaching practice – I work with a lot of people who want to get more clarity around their own big dreams. They also want to put a plan together to go after those dreams AND start the process if implementing that plan. Hence, the three month coaching packages. Now, you may have something that is shorter. We have one graduate of The Coach Mindset who works with clients on time management. This lends itself to an initial package that’s one month. It gives them time to get the client a schedule overhaul. Then, her next coaching program lasts 12 months. That means that the first package is a lower price . . . and lower risk for the client. But people love it because they can dig in at a lower investment and then reconnect for the more expensive, longer packages if they need it!


One important factor . . . “Extras”

Think about a few of the things that you might add to your coaching packages to make them even more valuable to your clients (think “thud factor”)

MP3s and MAPS

Clients really value these little “extras”. I know from personal experience. Would your client see additional value in having something tangible from your coaching interactions? Could you send them an MP3 recording of your entire call for their review throughout the week? Could you provide a conversation map after each interaction that can chart the progress your client is making (I do both of these, and suggest this to all of our Coach Mindset participants).


These two things alone provide tremendous value and they might even be easier than you’d imagine!


Many coaches elect to offer a premium version of coaching using face to face time. They’ll offer to do coaching face to face instead of over the phone, and they charge 25% more for that service. This can work really well if you are working locally with people in your area, but tends to be problematic for coaches that have (or want to build) clients throughout the country or world.


Another trend worth considering is something people are calling “virtual coaching”. There are many ways to get into this, but one way could be through email. One example: a coach offers a virtual life coaching package that includes a group email once a week that walks that group through a coaching process. In addition, their clients can follow up with them via email with thoughts and questions. Sometimes, virtual coaching could include some phone coaching too, but many times the coach doesn’t actually speak to their clients – it is all done via email! This can be a great way to feature and entry level package.

Give it some thought. And get CREATIVE!

My last thought will come as no surprise. Experiment with it!
While you’re getting started, put a few coaching packages together and set an initial price.
Then, while you practice, you can say, “This coaching package is $2,000, but since I’m practicing, I’ll offer it to my next two clients for just $999.
Taking this approach will allow you to practice saying what the coaching package is worth.
PLUS, it gets you PAID for PRACTICING! And, as an added bonus, it will help you to uncover what is really important to your clients!


Hope this helps!

Keep dreaming big and helping others do the same,
Mitch Matthews