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3 Critical Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Launching a Coaching Practice

Find out how easy it is to get started… and get some solid, simple answers to whether life coaching is for you.

If you’re checking out this page, then that means that you’re considering investing in some sort of life coach certification. That’s awesome! We put this mini-course together for you.

Honestly, it’s the 3 questions I wish someone had asked me before I invested in life coach training 10 years ago.

These questions will:


Challenge and stretch you


Surprise you because no one else seems to be asking these wildly important questions


Help you to define who you want to be coaching


Get clear on whether personal or business coaching is for you

I invite you to take the challenge. Again, I wish I had asked myself some of these questions before I got my life coaching certification 10 years ago. You’ll be glad you did.

It will be worth it!

-Mitch Matthews

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