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3 Critical Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Grow a Six-Figure Coaching Practice

I didn’t realize it at the time… but there were 3 things holding me back when I was trying to grow my coaching practice. (Let’s help you avoid those same traps!)

If you’re checking out this page, it means you’re a life or business coach… and you’re wanting to take your coaching practice to the next level. You’re wanting to make more impact and more income.

BUT… at the same time… I’m guessing you’re also feeling a bit stuck. (I know what that feels like! I was TOTALLY there too!)

That’s why we put this mini-course together.

Honestly, it’s the 3 questions I wish someone had asked me earlier in my coaching career!

These questions will:


Challenge and stretch you


Surprise you because no one else seems to be asking them (but they’re critical!)


Help you to identify some common pitfalls and help you avoid those traps

I invite you to take the challenge. Again, I wish I had asked myself these questions earlier.

It would have helped me to hit consistent six-figures as a coach much sooner!

You’ll be glad you did.

It will be worth it!
-Mitch Matthews

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