I’ll admit it. There are times when I think back wistfully to the days when pen and paper ruled. There’s something uniquely satisfying about making my to-do list on a real piece of paper, perhaps with two or three different colors of ink (yeah, I just admitted that I’m THAT GUY). Sometimes I wish that the digital revolution never happened, and that we could live a simpler, less complicated life.

That usually lasts for about 5 minutes, and then I also remember that back then … we had no email. Or Siri. And when I wanted a cup of coffee, I couldn’t pay for it with my phone. Do you remember the days when your phone didn’t even have a camera? Do you remember the days when you couldn’t take your phone with you in the car because they were all permanently plugged into the wall? I do (just barely, but I do).

When I remember all of THOSE things, my wistful thinking becomes more balanced, and I remember that technology isn’t a good or bad thing in and of itself. It has great potential to make our lives better … and below are 5 apps that I think have had a significant, positive impact on my work as a coach and an entrepreneur.

Check them out when you have a minute – and leave me a comment and let me know what apps you use to keep your coaching practice clicking along. I’d love to hear!

5 Great Apps for Life Coaches

Apps for Life CoachesThings (task management) 

Things is a task management software that I love. It was clearly bred out of the “Getting Things Done” movement created and sustained by David Allen (great book, great theory, btw). This app is slick, and it syncs across my phone, iPad and mac. Best task management software I’ve used so far.

Pomodoro (focus and productivity)

Sometimes staying focused can be hard as an entrepreneur. The Pomodoro Method is basically based on breaking your work day down into 25 minute chunks. Apps can help make that clean and easy. This is the one I use. Check out the books on Amazon, or just do a quick search of the inter webs. Valuable concept when you practice it.

Day One (Journaling, idea capture)

As much as I love the process, and as much as I know the VALUE in taking time to reflect (and journaling is a great way to do this), I struggle to make time for it in my day. Recently, I’ve been reading The Happiness Advantage and redoubled my efforts. Day One makes it easier for me, because it is such a beautiful app. It’s not the cheapest journal app, but it is definitely the coolest I’ve seen.

Screen Flow (easy video production)

I end up shooting a lot of videos. In fact, I’d rather talk than write, so sometimes it’s easier for me to shoot a quick video instead of taking the time to write out a message, blog post, etc. Screen flow allows me to shoot great vide right from my Mac, edit it simply, and post to the web easily. I use this program all the time. http://telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm

LastPass (keep you from going crazy)

This is probably my favorite app of ALL TIME. You know how you have about a centillion (my sons assure me that this is a real word) passwords? And you know how you either a) forget them all the time, trying to keep them straight or b) do about the dumbest thing possible, and make all your passwords the same or … c) some combination of the two? I used to do those things too – but now I use Last Pass. Create one uber strong password, and that’s about the only one you’ll ever have to remember. Last Pass does the rest. Saves me probably hours each week. https://lastpass.com/

So those are a few of my favorites.

Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment … and what awesome app for life coaching that I missed.

Talk soon,
David Nadler
Co-Founder; The Coach Mindset Online
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